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Return and Exchange Policy


  • What is Dikra’s 7 day return and exchange policy? How does it work?

Dikra’s 7 days return and exchange Policy gives you an option to return or exchange items purchased on Dikra for any reason within 7 days of recipt of the item.we only ask that you don’t use the product and preserve it’s original condition tags and are welcome to try on a product but please take adequate measure to preserve it’s condition.There are two ways to return the product to us:-

1.Pick up:-In Most locations,we offer a free pick up Service.You will see a Pick up Option when you submit a return request.

2.Self Ship:-If we don’t offer a pick up at you’r location.In such cases,we will credit the Shipping costs in the form of Dikra credits Provided meets the return policy and you have shared scan copy of the courier recipt with us.

To Return a product to Dikra,Please Follow These Steps:-

You can return products purchased from Dikra within 7 days of receiving the products except for our non returnable products and high value products which can only be returned for limited number of days.

1. Create a ‘Return request’ under”My Orders”Section of App/Website.Follow the screens that come up after trapping on the ‘Return’ button.please make a note of the return ID that we generate at the end of the process.keep the item ready for pick up or ship it to us basis on the return mode.

2.Self ship:-In case your area pincode is not eligible for “Pick up”mode then,Please self-ship the product to our returns desk.Please Packs the product and ensure product is unused,unwashed and all the Return Id on a piece of paper and place it in the packet.kindly address the package to the address of the returns desk closet to you.we have listed out the address of the returns desk in another section on thise page.

We will send you a confirmation email as soon as receive the shipment at our warehouse.At any time you can track the status of you’r return request on App/Website.

Note:-No products shall be Accepted if receipt is missing while return or exchange of the products.

  • How do I place an exchange request on Dikra?

If you would I like to exchange products from Dikra,Please follow below Mentioned Steps:-

1.You can create exchange for Products purchased from Dikra within 7 days of it’s delivery under”My orders”Section of App/Website.If you're address is serviceable for exchange you will be able to proceed and generate an exchange ID.Please note down you're exchange ID for future reference.

2.Place the product in a packet but do not seal it.please ensure product is unused,unwashed with all the tags intact.

3.Hand over the original product to our delivery staff and receive the exchange item from him.Please ensure that you have the original item available with you at the same address which has been selected for delivery of the exchange item.

4.At any time,you can track the status of your exchange requests under “My orders”of App/Website.

  • What is no Questions Asked Returns?

Once you Create a return via App/Website Desktop as per the Returns Policy. Dikra will ensure a quick,easy and seamless returns experience for you.our delivery agents may perform a simple quality check at your doorstep and upon acceptance of the return, Your refund will be initiated immediately.

  • Why has my return been put on hold Despite No Questions asked Returns Policy?

At the time of creating return Customers are requested to confirm that the product being returned is unused with original tags the time of Pick up,If the above conditions are not found to be met your return may be put on hold pending further clarification with our contact center.

  • What is instant Refunds?

Upon Successful pickup of the return product at your doorstep,Dikra will instantly Initiate the refund to your Source account or chosen method of refund Instant refund is not available in a Few select pin codes and for all self ship returns.

  • Why have I not received my Refund Despite Instant Refunds policy?

For Refunds taken into Dikra wallet & bank Account (Via IMPS),your refund will reflect in your account within a day once it has been initiated at the doorstep for refunds to source account (that is credit card,Debit Card and Netbanking).you're refund may take 7-10 days reflect in your Account depending upon your bank partner.

  • How Long would it take me to receive the refund of the returned Product?

After the refund has been initiated by dikra as per the return policy.the refund amount is expected to reflect in the customer account as per the following timelines.

1.NEFT-1 to 3 days posts refund initiation.

2.Online Refund-7 to 10 days post refund initiation,depending on your bank Partner.

3.Dikra wallet:-1 Day Post refund initiation please note Dikra initiates the refund upon Successful return pick up or after the returned item has reached us and quality check is successful.Therefore the refund initiation time may vary but time taken by the courier partner to deliver the return to a Dikra case of any refund discrepancies.Dikra may at its sole discretion,request you to share with us a screenshot of your Bank statement.

  • How do I return Multiple Products Form a Single Order?

If you are returning Multiple products from a single order then,you will receive a separate return ID via Email for each Item.If you are self shopping the products,you can ship all the products in a single shipment.Please mention the return ID for all the products on a single sheet of paper and place it inside the packet.if mode of return is pick up,our Courier person will pick up the products from the Pick up address.

  • Does Dikra Pick up the product I want to return From my location?

Currently we pick up products only from selected PIN codes.If you area Pincode is serviceable,you will be able to select the pick up option.when you create a Return Request on App/Website.

1.We will pick up the return within 4-7 days from the request Placement date.

2.Please keep the return shipments Ready.

  • How you can I self-ship the product to dikra?

If you area PIN code is not serviceable for Pick up,you will need to self ship the return item via any reliable courier partner,Please ensure to place a sheet of paper with the details of order ID and return ID for each item included in the package.for all self shipped returns,you will be duly reimbursed the shipping costs.Therefore please ensure that scan copy of courier bill/receipt is shared via contact us option available on APP/website.The courier bill/recipt should satisfy the following conditions for successful processing.

1.It should capture the weight of the return Package.

2.Residential/office Address,destination address,shipment date,amount and other details should be Mentioned.

3.The information on the recipt should not be edited/over written.

4.The courier Charge(Account mentioned on the recipt)should not overshoot the sender destination service combination and should be cross checked with the courier company.